Larimar, The wisdom of Atlantis, the healing power of the Dolphins. A cardinal water sign yet born of fire in the volcano.

Crystal Type:







Sea blue greenish tinge in some pieces


None traditionally

Larimar Wisdom:

How delicious all this is! We love Larimar, which is also called the dolphin stone or Atlantis stone and even Stefilia’s stone. A form of Pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic. Pectolite is a unique crystal family where the crystals form together primarily as very slender elongated yet highly dense formations radiating outwards from the centre. Mostly quite fragile, it is the only Pectolite that is so solid and hard making it ideal for carving and shaping. First discovered in 1916 by the Spanish Priest Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren.

Islands locals thought it was only available being gathered on the Beach, so it soon ran out!! Until later when they thought of going upstream and found rock formations of this beautiful calming stone. It was again ‘Re-discovered’ by Norman Rilling a member of the U.S. Peace Corps and a Dominican named Miguel Méndez. The name of the stone comes from Mr Mendez daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea which is MAR.

Thus, we have Larimar. Its amazing hues of blue and bluish greens come from the mineral copper found within it.

SPIRITUAL WISDOM: Larimar opens, activates, nurtures and encourages your throat chakra. At the same time this enables you to speak your whole truth, meaning those elements and energy points or chakras that need hearing have a ‘voice’.

This beautiful stone, is an amazing emotional cleanser, bringing peace and harmony to your life, allowing you to release ‘that which no longer serves you’ including your anxiety and phobias. Without fear, breaking the energy down around your throat and heart that you have placed there to defend yourself. Powerfully nurture both yourself and others with this amazing healing stone.

The goddess sits within many stones yet with Larimar she sits powerfully as it were her throne. Find, strengthen, embrace and your femininity as this Goddess stone allows you to stand in your own power and truly walk your lifes’ purpose bringing you once again to the nurturing love of Gaia.

Because of it’s balance, it brings about a gentleness and peaceful energy to your environment, this applies also to travelling into other realms with it as it helps to release from you entities and little nasties that may have found their way to attach to you. Gaia loves Larimar as it heals and loves her also, balancing different aspect of earth sky and sea. I think it is called an earth healer. It is used in so many of our talismans because it seems to align itself with the human aura.

Both then harmonizing and then enhancing the other as if the stone itself traveled through our body to become in tune with us, in our search for full life and enhanced and new capabilities.

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