How To Cleanse, Charge, And Care For Your Moldavite Crystal?

Crystals were long regarded as mystical sources of energy. One of these crystals which stands out due to its power and interesting past is moldavite. Interested in learning about the healing properties of moldavite or simply want to know how to charge and love this exceptional stone? That is where our comprehensive guide comes into action, so let’s talk about the beautiful moldavite crystal.

What are Moldavite crystals?

Meteorites can result in numerous types of glass such as moldavite, one form of tektite. This celestial gem was produced after meteorites melted into granite under the impact of tremendous heat and pressure. Moldavite is known not only for its strange, slightly rough touch but also bright green color.

The southern German site is believed to be a place of an impact that formed moldavite about 15 million years ago. There is much speculation on how the alien energy it contains might facilitate transformation, spiritual evolution and healing. Crystal healers and people who love crystals are attracted to moldavite because of its mysterious story and powerful energy.

Moldavite Crystals and their healing properties

It is also widely held that moldavite’s healing benefits affect one physically and spiritually. Moldavite has many useful medical properties, including:

  • A stone of transformation, it is believed to bring deep life changes and enlightenment. Others argue it may quicken the process of personal and spiritual growth because it takes individuals out from their comfort zones to new ways.
  • In accordance with a wide belief, moldavite increases the effect of other crystals and stones by reinforcing themselves. Having a great quality, this crystal will be an indispensable ally to anyone who uses several crystals in his/her spiritual or therapeutic practices.
  • Moldavite facilitates communication with extraterrestrial beings and higher dimensions. Many people think it may facilitate communication with spiritual entities such as guardian angels and guardians.
  • Moldavite has curative and protecting qualities for the human body. Some believe that it may help in healing from sickness, strengthen the immune system and protect the user against negative energy.

With this knowledge about Moldavite’s essential features, we can now examine the most appropriate way to preserve this extraordinary crystal.

How to cleanse your Moldavite Crystal?

Cleaning of the moldavite must also be done to sustain its energy and vibrational purity. However, in the course of time crystals can absorb or get blocked spiritually by some negative energies. Using one of these techniques will keep your Moldavite crystal clear:

Water cleansing:

Being a non-porous stone, moldavite is normally water safe when cleaning. Place your Moldavite in the water, and imagine all negative energy or pollutants washing away. Instead, you can leave it soaking in a bowl of fresh spring water for several hours.

Selenite cleansing:

Selenite is an ideal choice for cleaning this moldavite because of its well-known strength in cleanliness. For a long time, you must place your moldavite on the selenite charging plate or position it near a selenite rock. Placing your Moldavite crystal near selenite, a stone with resonant vibes will protect it against negative energies.

Moonlight and sunlight cleansing:

Cleaning is carried out under solar and lunar light – the same applies to Moldavite which may be exposed over a couple of hours again. The best option to renew the vigor of Moldavite is letting it rest under the lunar rays or sunlight.

Smudging with sage or palo santo

Moldavite can be cleansed by smoking holy sage or palo santo, often used in smudging. Upon setting your intention, dip the crystal into clearing mist to release any negative energy.

It is crucial to cleanse Moldavite often using whatever method resonates with you after using it for potent healing or spiritual work.

How to charge your Moldavite crystal?

Maintaining a consistent charging schedule is essential for optimizing the performance of your Moldavite crystal. Exposing a crystal to positive and uplifting energy is the first step in charging it.

Here are a few effective methods for charging Moldavite:

  • Moldavite can be charged by placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours—preferably under the soft light of early morning or late afternoon. Imagine the crystal absorbing vitality from the sun.
  • It is advisable to charge moldavite under the moonlight in order to attain desirable results. Put your crystal by a window or expose it to the full moon light on this night. When the moonlight shines on it, all its supernatural powers will be reactivated.
  • You need to put your Moldavite in the middle of a crystal charging grid along with amethyst and clear quartz. When moldavite is combined with the energy of other stones, it will probably become strengthened and energized.
  • While holding the Moldavite in your hands and repeating positive affirmations to yourself, picture a radiant aura around it. Speaking out some positive affirmations or goals is a great way to charge the crystal with positive energy. Keep your focus on the gemstone while it absorbs these energies.
  • For the purpose of sound healing, you may charge your Moldavite with sound waves. For this, you may experiment with playing a singing bowl or gong at a frequency that resonates with you. Put your Moldavite near the sound source so the healing vibrations may reach it.

Try out a few different charging techniques until you find the one that feels best aligned with your energy and objectives. Charging your Moldavite on a regular basis keeps its energy potent and makes it ready to assist you on your spiritual journey.

How to activate your Moldavite crystal?

Making a deliberate connection with the energy of your Moldavite crystal is the first step in activating it. Many believe that activated moldavite might help you accomplish your goals more effectively and with more sensitivity.

The following procedures will activate your Moldavite:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and meditate with your Moldavite. Focus on your breathing as you place the crystal between your fingertips. Picture your energy merging with the crystals, creating a harmonious whole. Allow the healing energy of Moldavite to permeate your being and bring you enlightenment and progress.
  • Find a peaceful spot to sit and focus while holding a piece of Moldavite; this will help with programming visualization. As you shut your eyes, see a green light halo around the crystal. As the Moldavite takes in your wishes, see them coming true. You will feel the crystal’s energy aligning with your goals.
  • Say positive affirmations or mantras while holding your Moldavite. Consciously utter a positive statement and an expression of gratitude, thus aligning the energy of the crystal with that of the goal. Continue to repeat these affirmative statements to reinforce the association.

A significant number believe that for their Moldavite Crystals to be even more activated, these sacred geometric symbols such as the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube can be of help. Others may think these symbols will enable them to achieve spiritual equilibrium through balancing and amplifying energies that are pivotal in the development of Moldavite.


Moldavite indeed presents several peculiarities as well as being a powerful stone that can cause serious metaphysical reconstructions. It is very crucial for a Moldavite’s energy purity and effectiveness to know how it is properly cared for. You can achieve spiritual optimization when you make a habit of cleaning, charging and energizing the Moldavite crystal on a regular basis.

Be aware that your connection with Moldavite is your own personal, developing work as you explore the metaphysics of crystal healing. Because you should trust your intuition, try something new, and do it if you have impulses or if it’s competently advisable by moldavite it may be beneficial not only for physical health but also for an improved intellectual condition.
May you attract everything good about healing, consciousness, and frequency that Moldavite will be infusing into you as you use it. The Crystal Cave offers genuine Moldavite, a rare gemstone. We ensure authenticity and give you a wide selection of styles to choose from so you can find the perfect fit.


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