Important Facts to Keep in Mind Before Taking Moldavite Crystal

Being like something from another planet, moldavite has an unknown appeal that defends the crystal lovers and the spiritual searchers. Millions of years ago, a meteor launched into the Earth and crashed to be this magnificent gemstone.

It has a special position in the crystal treatments and spiritual practices. However, before making your Moldavite choice, there are a series of vital things to consider. The goal of this guide is to tell you the 10 most important things to know before buying Moldavite crystal.

1. Origins and formation:

Moldavite is an unusual rock. From the astronomical point of view it originated when a rock fell onto our planet about 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is a greenish gemstone of a special look and feel that was originated by this collision. Its origin being not clear contributes to its mystifying effect and makes you estimate its uniqueness.

2. Authenticity:

Moldavite’s high demand has created a market which is overflowed with counterfeits or deceptive Moldavite crystal. Authenticity of Moldavite is the first thing that needs to be ensured. Choose sellers who have a positive reputation and are willing to give you an authentication certificate or have a clear source process.

3. Physical characteristics:

As to its physical characteristics, moldavite is characterised by its olive-green color and rough surface. Since it was cooling off in such a rush after the meteorite hit, it has the natural etchings, bubbles, and odd twists and bumps. Be aware of these physical characteristics to realize the difference between a genuine Moldavite or a fake one.

4. Metaphysical properties:

Moldavite has a famous reputation for its unique metaphysical properties that assist mental progress, transformation, and speed up the process of personal evolution. It is regarded as the heart chakra’s partner, and it serves to facilitate a more personal connection with the universe and a higher state of consciousness. If you grasp these metaphysical properties, you can use Moldavite for its total benefit.

5. Energetic impact:

Moldavite is distinctive for its powerful influence on energy, which is diverse and different for everyone. The changes in the consciousness of the person, the feeling of a stronger intuition, or the intense dreams are results of Moldavite crystal.
Some may feel that this is too much or that they may be going through a detox. Rationality and mindfulness are the main components of Moldavite.

6. Cleaning and charging:

Moldavite, similar to any crystal, should be cleansed and energetically recharged in order to retain its purity. Moldavite has high-energy, so it may take in negative energy more quickly.

Thus, moldavite requires cleansing more often. Anointing Moldavite with sage, placing it in sunlight or moonlight, and using sound vibrations are simple methods for energetic cleansing.

7. Setting clear intentions:

The effective use of Moldavite can be better realized when there is setting of clear intentions. If you want spiritual guidance, emotional healing or a change in your life, clearly define what you want and ask the Moldavite to observe your wishes. Check your intentions regularly to assure that it goes in the right direction.

8. Integration period:

Moldavite can have a great power, especially to those people who are using energy for the first time or are very sensitive to energy. Schedule your time to gently absorb its energies and initially, spend a short time in it and then gradually increase the duration of your use. Let your body and intuition guide you, so you can select that work best for you.

9. Ethical sourcing:

Similarly to any natural resources, Moldavite has to be “mined” in an ethical way in order to secure the environment and help the communities of the place. Choose a seller who prioritizes ethical mining by doing things like dealing with miners directly or supporting environmental-friendly ways of obtaining minerals.

10. A personal connection:

The core of the deal with Moldavite crystal is the way you feel for it. Give yourself a chance to do the same with several options and do not hesitate to go by your instinct to choose the right one. Either it is the particular shape, texture, or the energetic quality that attracts you, pick the Moldavite that is the strongest and suitable for you.


Moldavite is not just a gem; it is also a shred of cosmic legacy linking Earth and the Milky Way. Moldavite has a knack of teaching you something about yourself and spiritually if you know where it comes from, what kind it looks like, what metaphysical power it has and social issues that you need to consider. Honor Moldavite with greatness, giving it space to point you the way and be enlightened by it.

Moldavite is an example of the awesome power of nature and the very intimate links between our planet and the rest of the universe. Bear in mind that your journey to explore Moldavite crystal will be deserving of consideration, curiosity and respect as you embark on them.

You have everything you need to begin your spiritual journey of discovery and spiritual growth by learning where it comes from and what it is capable of doing. Moldavite is beautiful, it’s full of energy and is believed to have special properties.


By Crystal Cave

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