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Larimar Bracelet


Balance Love Peace Freedom
Larimar Jewellery – The wisdom of Atlantis, the healing power of the Dolphins. A cardinal water sign yet born of fire in the volcano.

This is stunning!

A conversation starter, as it is rare to find Larimar Jewelry.

It comes directly from the Dominican republic, where we work with a local Artisan.

As a result, this beautiful Piece has 22 AA grade solid Larimar tumbled stones within it.

This piece weighs in at 60gms and has a circumference of 23cm

Postage is included within Australia.

Check out our crystal wisdom post about Larimar


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Crystal Wisdom


How delicious all this is! We love Larimar, which is also called the dolphin stone or Atlantis stone and even Stefilia’s stone. A form of Pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic. Pectolite is a unique crystal family where the crystals form together primarily as very slender elongated yet highly dense formations radiating outwards from the centre. Mostly quite fragile, it is the only Pectolite that is so solid and hard making it ideal for carving and shaping. First discovered in 1916 by...

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