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Talisman of Calm Love


Love Peace
Talisman of Calm LovCreated through ceremony and ritual here are the crystals you will find embeded into the wood. Blue Lace Agate, Herkimer Diamond and Rhodocrosite Sphere at the top. Really beautiful talisman.  


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Talisman of Calm Love

Beautiful creation that brings into your life Calm Love.

Talisman of Calm Love was created  through ceremony and ritual here are the crystals you will find embeded into the wood

Blue Lace Agate:

“Calming and soothing, Blue Lace Agate wraps you in a gentle embrace, promoting peace and tranquility. This serene crystal quiets the mind, fostering inner balance and emotional harmony.”

Herkimer Diamond:

“Sparkling with celestial light, Herkimer Diamond amplifies your intentions and connects you to the divine. This powerful crystal clarifies your purpose, enhances spiritual growth, and illuminates your path.”

Rhodocrosite Sphere:

“Warming the heart and soul, Rhodocrosite Sphere radiates unconditional love and self-acceptance. This nurturing crystal encourages emotional healing, compassion, and inner transformation, helping you embrace your true essence.”

Hope you will love Calm Love as we do.

  • Length: 8.5cm


Crystal Wisdom

Herkimer Diamond

The stone takes its name comes from Herkimer in New York, USA and can ONLY be found there. This diamond is the true strong man of the Quartz Crystal World, though they are small they are HUGE!. Herkimers are a naturally double terminated crystal…not a diamond. their clarity and strength gives it the ‘diamond’ name. The stone assists in most areas of your life. It is an ‘A’ stone because it is for Ascension, Angels, Ancient wisdom, Amplify, Aura, and Attunement. These six sided tiny ...

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