Herkimer Diamond

Crystal Type: Quartz

It has a hardness of: 7.5

Colour: Clear as iced water.

Chakra: Third eye, crown

Zodiac: Aries Capricorn

Common uses and information: We love this stone It takes its name comes from Herkimer in New York USA. They are ONLY found there. Herkimer diamond is the true strong man of the Quartz Crystal World, though they are small they are HUGE!.

Herkimers are a naturally double terminated crystal…not a diamond, their clarity and strength have given it the ‘diamond’ name. To me it is an ‘A’ stone, Ascension, Angels, Ancient wisdom, Amplify, Attunement, Aura, Attunement. Use Herkimers to assist in most areas of your life. these six sided tiny goliaths pack a punch beyond their size. Release what you no longer want or need, relax in the knowledge that they are working with you to ease your worries from the present to the unconscious and expand your energies. Work with them to attune your energies, increase your psychic experiences and connect to the universe and divine energies that are offered to you.