The Magic of Rose Quartz

When you have worked with crystals a while, you begin to see, as well as feel, their purpose and presence. Rose Quartz is a particularly beautiful stone that I want to share with you today. It is the darling of the crystal world.

This sweet, soft pink stone varies in the depth of colour from piece to piece, but the healing it provides to its caretaker remains the same. Found all over the world, and mined in Madagascar, South-Africa, Namibia, South Dakota and Brazil, the Rose Quartz is said to attract unconditional love, making it the sweetheart stone of romantics.

It is noted as the most effective crystal for bringing peace and healing to our heart energy. And I believe it is also one the best stones to use for the general health and wellbeing of our emotions.

What I feel is misunderstood about this stone is the concept that wearing it will bring you a partner. I have no doubt that it helps with relationships, but the relationship it helps with is indeed the one we have with ourselves.

Love and respect go hand in hand and until we have an honest love and respect for ourselves we cannot truly attain it from others.

The way we master this?? Self -awareness, self- care and seeing our beauty and worth. Prince (or Princess) Charming will not simply ride into your life because you are wearing a pretty pink crystal. They will come in when you are energetically in a space of love and respect for self. That is when you will attract the person that also has those qualities.

When you are in integrity within yourself, with a heart and mind that is clear, that is when you manifest clearly. Rose Quartz can help you with this. It is a stone of self-nurture, a stone that promotes a sense of self, a sense of purpose and in turn a sense of deep self-respect and self-love. It is a “self-stone”.

If you were to think of the Rose Quartz as bringing with it an affirmation, it would sound something like this: “I am worthy” or “I am beauty” or “I am love” or “I am healing my heart”.

Speaking any of these affirmations while holding the stone to your heart will help you clear emotional imbalances and invite in a more harmonious state of peace and love.

When you have an argument, meditating with Rose Quartz can help you return to a state of forgiveness. When you go through a break-up, Rose Quartz can help you to feel nurtured and release your pain. When you experience trauma or find yourself in abusive relationships, Rose Quartz can help you to find a new strength of self-worth, respect and courage that is often needed to care for yourself.

This Valentine’s Day, be your own love story.

The Rose Quartz’s energy resonates very powerfully with the energy of our heart. Work with this stone to heal, release, restore and invite in all that you are worthy of.

On a physical level, Rose Quartz has been noted to improve circulation, neurological connectivity, and general healing.

Legend has it that Rose Quartz was created when the Greek God Adonis was attacked by Ares, the God of War. Rushing to save Adonis, Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love) was pricked by a briar rose and her blood dripped onto a Clear Quartz stone, turning it to a beautiful blushing pink.

Work with the beautiful Rose Quartz to create a sense of self that brings to fruition all that your heart dreams of.



By Ivana Slobodnik

Ivana Iyanifa is diviner, oracle, spiritual consultant, accredited crystal healer and teacher, shamanic practitioner, ritual-creator and Ifa Priestess, officially initiated into Iyanifa in 2011 at Uluru by Olowo Robert Lavtar.

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