Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the darling of the crystal world. Everyone knows and loves this fairy like pink stone that speaks intimately with heart chakra.

Crystal Type:

Quartz, siliscate




Capricorn, Scorpio


Pink, from murky pink to vibrant pink almost see through.


Capricorn, Scorpio

Rose Quartz Wisdom:

The darling of the crystal world. Everyone knows and loves this fairy like pink stone. Effervescent, she is abounding in love, love of self, love of others, love of the universe and Gaia. She holds fast your dreams and speaks intimately with your heart chakra.

Working with your own need to release what no longer serves you from fear and emotional trauma. surrounds your personal aura with her blessed loving energy, enabling true love of self and others. Showing you the way to hold fast to love in all it’s forms, after all, love cures everything in one way or another.

This follows on to your connection with spirit and Gaia and nature not only in the raw state but in all things created such as music and the arts. Use Rose Quartz when connecting with and working in groups for a loving and harmonious atmosphere.

It is a nurturing motherly stone so use it as such, especially while supporting endeavors of the heart, passion and fertility. Meditate with her to assist with connection with Mother Earth, It will enhance your love during this time also while opening you to greater depths of compassion. Hold her, love her and feel release anger and resentment, feel joyous and free from the shackles of tension and past regrets, move on and move forward with love.

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