Apophyllite a beautiful stone that encourages truth and honesty at the same time being very mystic and supernatural in many ways.

Crystal Type:



4.5 - 5 On the Moh's scale


Soul Star Chakra


Clear white to green to organge


Gemini and Libra

Apophyllite Wisdom:



Use it to aid allergic asthma; by placing a piece on the chest. It assist healing action within the lymphatic system due to the high water content of these stones. It also aids your respiratory system and your eyes, and the say that if you lay with a pyramid on each eye that it will help your eyesight. In traditional folk and crystal healing, Apophyllite is used for tired or stressed eyes by placing on the eyelids. It is used similarly in different body regions for respiratory problems, assist in stopping asthma attacks, allergies, and health of mucus membranes and skin.


This may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety, their energy aids you to feel calmer; more relaxed and happier within yourself and more at peace especially in the time of depression, anxiety or stress of any kind. It ability to open our minds to seeing truth easily assist our decision making in all situations.


Promotes Spiritual experiences by expanding your inner vision, open you up to utilizing greater number of spiritual gifts. Use them in your meditation as they are powerful aids to assist guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels especially if you place a pyramid on your third eye while meditating and Visions are a common outcome of using these crystals, as they open up your spiritual and psychic abilities and it includes expanding your intuitive abilities, remote viewing and boosting your telepathic abilities.


• Symbolism – Infuse Your Being With Light & Aid A Contact
• Mineral Class – Silicates
• Crystal Class - Tetragonal
• Composition – Calcium Carbonate...
• Crystal System – Cubic Shaped Crystals
• Cleavage – 1,1
• Streak – White.
• Toughness - Fair.
• Diaphaneity – Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
• Specific Gravity – 2.3 - 2.4
• Lustre – Vitreous, Pearly
• Tenacity – Brittle
• Fracture – Uneven
• Other ID Marks – These Stones Have A High Water Content, Which Gives Them The Ability To Conduct Electricity.
• Location –India, Iceland, Norway, Britain, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Canada And Australia
• Rarity – Common

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