Aquamarine is a stone of clarity & purification. It is great for calming the nerves and fluid retention.

Crystal type: Silicate

It has a hardness of: 7-8

Chakra: Throat and hearts primarily but works well with all crystals.

Colour: A stunning blue translucent/transparent almost. However, in lower grades some yellows or greens are evident.

Zodiac: Scorpio and Gemini

Common uses and information: See things in a different light. Speak your own truth while remaining calm and protected. Be you and be confident if you area little sensitive as it will protect and give you the courage to do so. Aquamarine is a great stone for calming the nerves and fluid retention. Aquamarine expels! It expels fears, phobias, and strengthens many organs in your body such as the thyroid, kidneys, liver and spleen.