Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Stone to connect deeper with Nature around you and refresh the soul and helps you to see the beauty in everything around you. It is a stone of new beginnings and assist in releasing of the past that hold you stuck and with that opens your spiritual intuition.

Crystal Type:





Base, Sacral, Earth, Throat


Green White Blue Red Yellow Brown



Moss Agate Wisdom:

We just love that magical intwine of green pathways within the beautiful white landscape of the Moss Agate.
Where do we start. there are so many great points we can talk about this beautiful stone. Lets start with one stone that I wish I had when I was giving birth to my boys. It is said that is it a stone that assist the midwife in their work. lessening the pain and ensuring that the you have a good experience. That would have been great, well it was not too bad. :-)
So how about to have it as a symbol of abundance that would be great, and on the other note this enigmatic stone improves self-esteem, so there is no fear present and if you fail first time you try again and agin until you succeed.
No wonder I am surrounded with Moss Agate. Ok what's more.. mentaly your self expression and communication will flow with ease and you will know who you can trust and who not. Being very optimistic stone it helps with lifting the depression by giving you insight into what caused it on the first place and then replacing it with other possibilities of moving forward. Again what a gem.
I remember when my partner had difficulties with breathing and I got him a Moss Stone plate. He placed it on his chest and it helped him breath easier.. then I thought of course look at the Moss Agate it is like veins resembling lungs, of course it will help but not only with that but also with other things like colds, flue, and fevers. You can even apply it to the skin to assist treating fungal and skin infections...
I can easily say it is one of my favourite stones and I am the one who will not be without one.

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