DESCRIPTION: Nuummite is an unapproved name for a metamorphic rock that forms from a striking iridescence caused by the interference of light between these crystals. Nuummite is an attractive ornamental rock. The material is cut and polished into cabochons and this stones exhibit red, green and blue flashes of colour against a dark brown to black background.

Crystal Type:



5.5 - 6 On The Moh's Scale


Third Eye


Light-Gray to Almost Black With Iridescent Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Gold And Violet Flecks



Nuummite Wisdom:



Nuummite can be used in general to assist in tissue regeneration, relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. It can be used to disperse infections, purify the blood and kidneys, and regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the assist in disorders of the throat, the vision, and the eyes; it has been used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight and the speech. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to assist in the recovery from Parkinson’s disease, to assist disorders of the central nervous system, disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress


Aids calmness of the mind, remove away from you negative thoughts, depressive feelings, stress and giving you the strength to pull through difficult times in life


Nuummite will help calm and stabilise the mind and body in preparation for a deep relaxed state, to help bring the deeper state of mind on the intended focus point. Nuummite is also very good to enhance the dream state, bringing insight and psychic visions in an appropriate manner to its keeper and is also beneficial in warding off that of negative nature or negative intent, for this, one must keep the stone close by at all times. It can assist one with finding one’s inner power, help one achieve self-mastery and it can help with insight and intuition.


• Symbolism – Stone of Meditation, The Magician’s Stone
• Crystal System – Orthorhombic
• Cleavage – Perfect
• Stability = Good
• Transparency – Opaque
• Lustre – Vitreous/Glossy
• Fracture – Uneven
• Category – Tumbled Stones and Gemstones
• Location – Nuuk, Greenland
• Rarity – Not Common

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