Known as ‘The stone that shines’, it was named after the creek where this Jasper is found in West Australia (Mooka Creek), with amazing colours that reflect the Australian outback in its ochre hues. Due to the flint like structure, Mookaite is tricky to cut and polish as it will easily splinter. However, when successful, cabochons can look picturesque and can be made into spectacular jewellery.

Crystal Type:



6 - 7 on Moh's Scale


Solar Plexus


Variety os sunset colours


Cancer and Capricorn

Mookaite Wisdom:



It was thought to promote prudence and caution, and bring its owner strength and victory in battle. Medieval physicians made powdered jasper into ingestible potions to assist disorders of the kidneys, stomach, and intestines, and suggested that jasper pendants could protect their wearers against drowning, lung ailments, and scorpion bites and help insomnia


According to modern metaphysical practitioners, jasper is a grounding stone that balances physical, emotional and intellectual states, while instilling a deep appreciation of nature.


• Symbolism – The Stone that Shines
• Mineral Class – Silicates
• Streak - White
• Composition – Silicon Dioxide
• Crystal System – Hexagonal
• Cleavage – Perfect
• Stability = Avoid Exposure to Heat, and Intense Sunlight
• Colour: White, Gray, Tan, Brown, and Black to Brownish-Red, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue.
• Transparency – Translucent to Opaque
• Specific Gravity – 2.62 -2.66
• Lustre – Waxy and Vitreous to Dull
• Tenacity – Brittle to Tough
• Fracture – Conchoidal to Subconchoidal and Irregular, Brittle to Tough.
• Category – Tumbled Stones and Gemstones
• Other ID: Usually None; Impurities occasionally produce Weak Green and White Fluorescence.
• Location – Australia
• Rarity – Common

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