Auralite 23

Auralite 23

Primarily made up of Amethyst and Citrine, the Auralite 23 gets its name for its make up of up to 23 minerals and elements from 35 different elements. It is over a Billion years old! This crystal is from the Boral forest in Canada and is named after the Aurora Borealis.

Crystal Type:







translucent purples, gray, clear, orange and various others!



Auralite 23 Wisdom:

Wow Wow and Wow is this the all round all in one stone to have?…..probably! Heaps of things, great for deep meditation, hold it and concentrate feel the veils of confusion and heavy energies surrounding you lift like a slow moving fog. Leaving a fresh sun filled warmth around you.. opening and connecting clearly to your higher self. Opens up that direct link to the spiritual you the “Iam”.

The average crystal contains at least 17 of the following:

Titanate: Which enhances concentration and mental abilities. Bringing good energy and luck, increases knowledge.

Cacoxenite: Aligning with the 6th and 7th divine chakras it brings about regeneration and spiritual cleansing.

Lepidocrosite: Self love and healing soul retrieval and divine inspiration. 4th chakra.

Ajoite: Communication with the Angelic realm and God/Goddess. Promotes love healing of self and emotional well-being 4, 5, 6, 7 chakras

Hematite: This grounding harmonizing of mind body and spirit stone is also great for manifestation. 1st chakra.

Magnetite: Grounding and balance it aligns all chakras

Pyrite: A healer and strengthener of the weaker chakras when needed, Pyrite aids in balancing the male feel aspects, and assists in harmonizing the physical and astral bodies around us.

Goethite: The road between the core of the earth and the universe holding you safely like a chord. Great for chord cutting and removing hooks it also assists with the purification of our emotional body and past life experiences.Transformation and metamorphose.

Pyrolusite: Repels negative energy when used to repair your aura. Transmutation and transformation of your physical body, re building your life and spiritual well being.

Gold: Say goodbye to conflicts associated with Ego. GOLD IS as in gold is said to be the spiritual part of ” all that is”. maintaining a constant flow between you and the universal source of all. All the while balancing your energetic field. See and allow the beauty in all things

Silver: Not so often do we see Silver in Crystals. It assists you to be able to ‘have an advantage” when you work with it. See deeply within your own soul the mirror is with you Holding fast your spirit connection and calming your life

Platinum: Non judgmental attitudes. Health well being balancing your meridians Balances the center’s and meridians of the physical body. Nickel: Extends into most dimensions, accesses additional information. Solves problems and provides personal breakthroughs.

Copper: Oh how I love copper! It acts as a conduit for crystals, enhancing and magnifying their energies. and use it in most of my creations. It also works against tiredness restlessness and self doubt, while improving your optimistic thoughts and and intentions or initiative. Giving you a greater feeling of independence and the ability to speak the truth while not offending others. It is so beneficial for you.

Iron: An elemental conduit between you and the fairies, Balancing your life and enabling information and thoughts to be retained and understood. Very grounding, while also helping to see the old traditional ways in a clear light against what is now said to be traditional (the thoughts of those that are not spiritual) As we once were.

Limonite: Strengthens your character and intuition, increasing feelings of comfort and stability. No aluminium hats here, with Limonite you are protected from negative energies and thoughts.

Sphalerite: You won’t be fooled when using this, you will see those that aim to trick or deceive you. strengthening your feelings of self worth and balancing the male/female aspects of who you are.

Covelite: Communication at its best, increases the use of the third eye, aids with psychic awareness and allows you to speak freely. Bringing forth your sub conscious to the now. Re-birthing or Transforming yourself from then to now without fear or worry watching as you do safely in ‘your mirror’, and letting go.

Chalcopyrite: Assists in finding lost objects. Enhances abilities of perception and strengthens contact with ancient cultures of the universe. It is a connective force with other cultures. A “stone of the mystic” bringing information for self and others relative to ethereal energies. Can remove energy blockages and can totally open the crown chakra, cleansing and activating at the same time.

Gialite: Great for grounding and balancing negative energies Works with the root chakra. “I am told this is a beneficial component for helping to eliminate EMF from the body and environment… Calya”

Epidote: Enhances and increases the energy of whatever it comes in contact with. Epidote increases our personal power, while it is also excellent for attunement with nature and her healing qualities and all aspects of your life. It has a calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, great if you live in the city or a high energy hectic area.

Bornite: Chakra activation is enhanced. enjoy the moment should be it’s catch cry, providing positivity happiness and joy. Bornite also assists your search from within to ask for more spiritual information and insights.

Rutile: Etherically, rutile, within another crystal, brings with it strength along with love, the ability to move from one aspect of your life to another. Dispelling negative energies while working within the aura it heals and balances you. And also other relationships in your life.

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