Fluorite is a ‘Balance and Healing’ gemstone that is cubic in form, which causes its glassy surface to reflect light in attractive ways. It is one of the most collectable and highly sort after crystals in the world, loved by mineralogists and metaphysical healers alike. It is an extraordinary creation of nature, beautiful and luminous, and soft.

Crystal Type:

Stone - Isometric


4 on the Moh’s Scale.




Colourless, Samples are often deeply coloured owing to Impurities


Capricorn, Pisces

Fluorite Wisdom:


It is very effective in healing because it releases energies that prevent the illness from spreading or getting worse by protecting one from infection by purification of the body, cleansing the spirit and eliminating almost any virus or bacteria. It is said to be good for the spleen, teeth, lungs, bones, and regenerate cell tissue. The Lavender coloured type helps to bring serenity and peace and rainbow helps to focus the mind and can be used when studying or when at work and is best placed on the desk because it strengthens memory and ability to concentrate. They also prescribe it for women in need of balancing their hormones and it is also recommended for sleep, and anxious maladies may also help those with arthritis.

It helps increase your intelligence, and creates a balance between your mental and emotional self by clearing your mind, prevents you from dwelling on unhappy thoughts or worries so that you are able to see any given situation with a more balanced perspective. This stone is highly involved in aiding your decision making and aid you pass through the ‘I can’t do it’ stage.

Fluorite banishes negativity; it makes you more receptive to positive energies. It also helps in reenergizing you as part of its healing process. This stone is also a very good “mind” stone and It also makes it easier to connect with others. Clear Fluorite is a very good stone for purification of the spirit. It washes away negative energies and lets energies of peace, love, and harmony flow through you. A good stone in the hands of healers helping them on all planes and making meditation feel great.

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