Lemurian Black Jade

Lemurian Black Jade

Lemurian or Inca black jade is found in Peru and other locations around the world. This ancient shamanic stone is a combination of Jade Pyrite and quartz. Highly priced by the Aztecs for its healing properties and its ability as they saw it to connect with the Gods. A stone of wisdom and balance.


6-7 Mohs scale


Root and Heart


Dark Green to Black



Lemurian Black Jade Wisdom:

When we use this beautiful stone it is as if we are connected directly with Mother Earth.

Lemurian Black Jade is a cardinal divine feminine stone, offering balance within.
Useful for both women and men to promote healing and the knowing of of self, it enhances your inner being.
Within this balance we find that past trauma often has a negative effect on our lives and Lemurian Jade works within the heart to allow these to be gently released, allowing you to walk solidly as you heal and grow in your earthly and spiritual travels.

With this balance comes wisdom, strength, courage and a strong sense of purpose.
And as we progress we appreciate and have deep gratitude for what we have and where we are in our lifes journey, rather than moan and wish for what we do not have.
This allows for space to create abundance in our lives in all its glory and ways, health wealth joy and connection.

And with this powerful connection and healing stone you are more able to seek the source of divine wisdom of the ancients, knowing, feeling and not just guessing what is and what is not from the ego but of connection and light.
All the while staying grounded and feeling the energies that ground us promotes love of self and the planet we walk on in the 3D, our Earth.

This journey promotes spiritual evolution and as you use it you also help others to open their paths as your own energy is felt by them.

As a protective stone it helps to shield against negative energies just like a bodyguard, and using it in your daily life and meditation opens the way to seeing your shadow and healing while your connection to the divine is enhanced with deep love.

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